Partnering for Your Project's Success

C.C. Borden Construction, Inc. provides a full range of construction services - competitive bid, construction management and design/build services to public and private clients. Our team routinely exceeds expectations by ensuring the highest degree of personal service for each client. We are committed to delivering maximum quality at the lowest possible price and view our relationship with the owner and contractor as a partnership with open and constant communication at each stage of the construction project. Our goal is the successful completion of each project we undertake and delivering it on time and on budget.

All C.C. Borden Construction, Inc. projects are supervised with our construction management system, which enables us to coordinate every phase of a project in a timely and efficient manner. Projects are scheduled with keen attention to detail and awareness of the big picture, with time allotted for every stage, from design, to permitting, solicitation of bidders, pricing and actual construction. We also utilize both traditional and high-tech communication methodologies to ensure our work is on time and on budget.

Completing projects on-time and on-target is our top priority. We utilize a state-of-the-art design/build system that allows us to effectively manage large-scale projects of enormous complexity without unnecessary delays or surprises. CCB also uses a web-based document management and distribution tool to provide utilization and delivery reports, enabling us to easily and effectively manage day-to-day production and delivery costs.

Maintenance is another of the many services we provide. With an annual maintenance contract, our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that C.C. Borden Construction, Inc. will handle building and site-related issues, ranging from minor window repairs to refurbishments costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We understand that each project is unique. That’s why we participate in both competitive and negotiated bid processes, enabling our project owners to select the process that best suits their goals and priorities. It’s also why we carefully select subcontractors who are capable of performing the work required of them on time and on spec.

Our staff has the ability to specify and identify any issues that might cause delays or change orders before they become issues. Our bids are accurate, detailed and prompt, with every design element taken into account.

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, C.C. Borden has successfully completed construction projects throughout the Southeast.


All C.C. Borden Construction, Inc. projects are conducted in accordance with LEED building principles, which enables us to offer competitive services that meet the needs of our clients and our world.


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